November 8, 2010

monday morning sketch 4

I petted a dog this morning.

It didn't look anything like this one.

October 1, 2010

benjo is in the wild!

So, my little "grassroot comic" is out for the public to laugh at! I hung up about 20 of these around Malmö city centre, but most of them have been torn down already. I highly doubt anyone has seen them, which is probably just as good. But more are coming, Malmö, get ready!
(By the way, you can check it out here. It's in swedish, which I guess makes my public slightly smaller than it could be...)

September 27, 2010


My first self-portrait! I made this quickly with a black marker, just standing in front of the mirror in my dimly lit toilet. I quite like it, and it took only about 10 min!

September 20, 2010

monday morning sketch 3


Well, this is better. Pencil rough and 0.3 mm technical pen.

September 13, 2010

monday morning sketch 2

Note to self: either make a pencil rough first or make a simpler sketch. And use a better pen for God's sake.

Inspired by actual events.

September 7, 2010

monday morning sketch 1

Man, I hate pencils. They smudge.

And by the way: yes, I know it's Tuesday. This is how I roll.

September 6, 2010

tablet sketches

Here are two sketches I made on "electronic tablets" some time ago (wow, that makes me sound like an 80's article on future tech...). First one was made on my Nokia 5800, second one on my Wacom tablet.

The most obvious remark would be that the first one sucks. Indeed, that's good proof that drawing with a tiny stylus on a crappy 3,2in low-res screen with no pressure sensitivity doesn't bring good results. The second one is alright, but I found it very hard to draw on the tablet, DOWN there, while the screen is UP here. It's a weird disconnect that I hadn't really thought of beforehand. I also found it very uncomfortable since I couldn't turn the paper around like I usually do while I'm drawing.
I mostly made these to test what I could do right off the bat with these devices. It would take quite a bit of training to get good results, even from the Wacom (maybe if I had a Cintiq...). But most of all, I'd miss the feeling of ink on paper. You just can't beat that.

April 12, 2010

the escapist webcomic contest

I recently took part in a contest launched by gaming website The Escapist. They were looking for a new webcomic to publish, offering a contract for two strips a week. So I did what I could and came up with this (warning: most of this won't make sense, much less seem funny, unless you are a bit of a videogame nerd):

Not the most inspired comedy, unfortunately, probably also because I had never even considered making a comic on this topic before. I encourage you to check out the honourable mentions, though, since these guys knew what they were doing (this one and this one are especially beautiful I think, and enjoyable by non-gamers too). I'm pleased with having managed to submit anyway, and I'm quite happy with the simple but (I think) nice and easily recognizable style. Now on to things that come from the heart instead.