September 6, 2010

tablet sketches

Here are two sketches I made on "electronic tablets" some time ago (wow, that makes me sound like an 80's article on future tech...). First one was made on my Nokia 5800, second one on my Wacom tablet.

The most obvious remark would be that the first one sucks. Indeed, that's good proof that drawing with a tiny stylus on a crappy 3,2in low-res screen with no pressure sensitivity doesn't bring good results. The second one is alright, but I found it very hard to draw on the tablet, DOWN there, while the screen is UP here. It's a weird disconnect that I hadn't really thought of beforehand. I also found it very uncomfortable since I couldn't turn the paper around like I usually do while I'm drawing.
I mostly made these to test what I could do right off the bat with these devices. It would take quite a bit of training to get good results, even from the Wacom (maybe if I had a Cintiq...). But most of all, I'd miss the feeling of ink on paper. You just can't beat that.

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